PLEZi Nutrition Non-GMO Case Study

Last week, former First Lady Michelle Obama announced the first line of products from PLEZi Nutrition, the company she co-founded to provide children with healthier snack and beverage options. The four fruity debut beverages - Tropical Punch, Orange Smash, Sour Apple, and Blueberry Blast - are low-calorie, have no added sugar, and include essential nutrients … Continue reading PLEZi Nutrition Non-GMO Case Study

Welcome Aboard!

Welcome to my blog dedicated to the topic of non-GMO certifications!  I spent three years and eleven months as a Technical Evaluator for FoodChain ID, the first and biggest Technical Administrator for the Non-GMO Project's Product Verification Program.  As a Technical Evaluator it was my job to review product, ingredient and production facility information to make … Continue reading Welcome Aboard!